How websites develop now?

UPDATE: This was posted back in 2009. Reading it again, I am so amazed how web technologies evolve for the last 11 years!.Here we are now using React, Angular, Vue, Node and more frameworks coming up everyday!

Everything is now available online. so here are the latest trends in the web development world

I. There are 13 Useful Scripts that you should know

Talking about social bookmarking script, it is very useful in case you will start your code from scratch and just by passing CMS. Most of the websites now want to upgrade their static or limited featured website to something into social bookmarking website, in this feature more people will visit to their website because of active participation and more communication, plus a community will be built.

The Star rating system, I guess this would add convenient to the visitors or members to rate the article , picture, and videos in just one click without loading. This system is higly appreciated by users.

Ajaxplorer. This would be awesome, I remember one of my classmate who wants to pursue a web OS but failed to proposed it as our thesis because the rule that time must create a system that implements the system analysis and Design.

Newsletter. Another way for increasing visitors, this newsletter module that is made in jquery, php and ajax help your managing task faster and easier.

Then other ajax image viewers that again brings convenience to the visitor and images are more appreciated.  Especially now, more people are into photography and have their own DSLR cameras not to mention those people who really loves cam whoring. *wink*

And a lot more scripts that are featured that is so cool.

2. Flex Builder is now FREE!

Lot of developers wants to learn flex and it is now free! not only for students but also to non employed developers. Flex is now supaahh hot! learn it now!

3. Want more PHP+Ajax+ Jquery scripts? here are the 20 useful PHP+Jquery Components. Web Development is now is getting more and more convenient huh? People are now sharing their scrtips to everyone!

4. Zend Studio the best IDE for PHP

I can’t proove it right now, but for one week using it, I find it easier when adding/modifying code in CMS in developing a website specifically the zendcart. But Dreamweaver is still number one in my heart. (adobe gonna love me for this). Talking about zencart. posted entitled “Writing Robust PHP Backends with Zend Framework “, a MVC framework. I’m now scratching my head and realize that Web Development is getting faster, easier and simpler and the sad part is “I’m still a noob!!!”(cries).

But still I embraces web development industry.

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  1. It’s true that Flex Builder is really hot…

    Right now I’m using it now for building a website..

    Kudos to you Ara and more power to you…

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