“Pong Game” made in Python

At last I  was able to finished this "Pong Game" - one of the hardest mini-projects of my Python Programming  course. For other mini projects I built please check my github account, though I haven't  added my last 2 projects. We are now on our Week 5 of the course and it's getting really really... Continue Reading →

Learning Python

As one of my New Year's Resolution is to learn a new programming language, either Ruby on Rails or Python and just this September I end up with Python. How? Why? Based on researches and what I wanted to do more.  Maybe you're wondering why I didn't pursue more on my Objective C basically in... Continue Reading →

Ma.tt and the future of WordPress

Seeing Matt again for second time since  5 years ago at Word Camp Davao 2008 was so cool and the future of WordPress is the most game changing in the world wide web. Thanks to Singapore PHP User Group for inviting Matt in Singapore for the Matt Mullenweg live in Singapore #mattinsg and to Microsoft Singapore for... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts on WWDC14

So what's new with Apple? A.  The new iOS8 1. the keyboard, the widget, Battery usage app. It's so new that I already saw it on Android. 2. Killer Apps - Literally, it kills all software companies such as Whatsapp , Dropbox, skype and snapchat. - It also scares Carrier to death 3. Continuity. Managing... Continue Reading →

10 Types of Developers

Here are 10 types of developers you are likely to run across: 1. Wallflowers - They are those shy, introvert , geeks who prefers to be alone. They like to read hacker news and to code even during weekends. These are the true-blooded programmers. - Body Type: Super Skinny else Super Fat. - So not interested... Continue Reading →

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