10 Types of Developers

Here are 10 types of developers you are likely to run across:

1. Wallflowers

– They are those shy, introvert , geeks who prefers to be alone. They like to read hacker news and to code even during weekends. These are the true-blooded programmers.

– Body Type: Super Skinny else Super Fat.

– So not interested in hooking up with girls.

– Naive , unfriendly and impassive

2. Egotist

–  These people loves to brag their output, or the advanced programming that they currently learning.  Where do they brag it? at Facebook or Twitter. They post their screenshots, links of the website they currently learning and their opinions which basically no one really cares.

– Their profile photos are them looking geeky wearing either Google or famous meme shirts

3. “Click-and-Install” Developers

– They called themselves as developers (as their position called it). They mostly use wordpress and install it on the server, setup the themes, plugins needed and done.

– They always brags on  how they can earn a lot easily.

– But hey! They can code HTML!

4. MVP

– They are those humble, nice  and AWESOME developers who will save everyone’s butt when they’re in trouble. They are the so-called Code-Ninjas.

– They love to teach you what they recently learned, they would  explain to you by detail and make sure you understand it. They are willingly and happy to teach you whether they have time or not.

5. Jack of all Trades

– They are those who can code a lot of programming languages. But master of nothing.

6.  The OCD

– These are the programmers you don’t want to work with if you are a programmer.  They wanted their code to be perfectly formatted. They don’t care about deadlines.

7.  The Fraud

–  These people  are unbelievably liars! They talked too much – about themselves  on how they can code advanced programming and AI but really you haven’t seen their work yet ever. I think they have their own  self-created world where they are the most awesome person on the planet.

8. The Evangelist

– They are the outspoken one who knows a lot about the programming theoretically. They know what to tool and processes to use but performs very little actual programming.

 9. All Can-Be-Done Douchebags

–  These type of programmers  always says it can be done but at the end of the day they would say  “Sorry it can’t be done”.

10. Hot Devs

– Do they really exist? Yes! Those successful and famous devs like Mark Z are considered HOT!


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