My Thoughts on WWDC14

So what’s new with Apple?

A.  The new iOS8

1. the keyboard, the widget, Battery usage app. It’s so new that I already saw it on Android.

2. Killer Apps

– Literally, it kills all software companies such as Whatsapp , Dropbox, skype and snapchat.

– It also scares Carrier to death

3. Continuity. Managing calls and SMS from your Mac. What if I dont have mac? (it’s your problem low-life cheapo!)

4. HealthKit. Another killer. I saw a lot of health apps on Apple store that are not free,so…. #MightNeedToInnovateYourApp

5. Photo App. Killing the girl’s favourite app – Camera 360.


B. Mac OS X Yosemite

– New Look

– Great news! and they said it might be free 🙂

– Safari. more faster than Chrome and Firefox, Let’s see

– The updated Mail App.  I dunno I don’t use it.


C. Swift – New Programming Language

– We all know that Unity3D is the best game development ecosytem. And apple wanted to vanish them.

– Super Faster than Objective C and Python. Ruby On Rails? Can’t beat it?

– Is it only available in OS X Yosemite?

– Companies are now hiring Swift programmer with 5 years experience 😀


…Now I’m excited!




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