and the future of WordPress

Seeing Matt again for second time since  5 years ago at Word Camp Davao 2008 was so cool and the future of WordPress is the most game changing in the world wide web.


Thanks to Singapore PHP User Group for inviting Matt in Singapore for the Matt Mullenweg live in Singapore #mattinsg and to Microsoft Singapore for the venue and the overflowing pizza.

Matt introduces himself  who  was born in Texas, writes code, learns about poetry and plays musical instrument. And of course the founder of the free and open source CMS WordPress. As any famous founder like Jobs and Zuckerberg, he is also a college dropped out. Is College still intangible? lol

Now Matt is back in Asia after 5 years to  talk about the past and most essentially the future of WordPress.

WordPress core currently consists of a complex  PHP and MySQL back-end. The Plugins are also using PHP with a JavaScript as the cherry on top. As Web Technology is evolving and predicted that JavaScript will become the dominant programming language and JavaScript frameworks are increasing such as Angular JS and Backbone JS. JavaScript will be the next best thing!

So what will be the future of WordPress? As Matt gave us the hint of  it’s future he also mentioned the incoming WordPress Data Centre in Singapore! Yey!  WordPress  core will become a PHP-based REST-style API and maybe the administrator will become a  pure JavaScript web application. And that maybe you can create plugins in a pure JavaScript and  in building Themes, maybe you can code without coding PHP or calling it’s functions.

Furthermore, He  also shared to us a very  inspiring keynotes about GPL, Web Technology , future of websites and WordPress and it’s community. This is why ofcourse Apple succeed on involving other developers to developed an applications (Except You have to pay as a developer). Community is a huge contribution on it’s success likewise WordPress.

Been using WordPress for over 5 years now and also used WordPress on our client’s website and on our company’s blog, It’s still awesome and will continue to support it.



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