Learning Python

As one of my New Year’s Resolution is to learn a new programming language, either Ruby on Rails or Python and just this September I end up with Python. How? Why? Based on researches and what I wanted to do more.  Maybe you’re wondering why I didn’t pursue more on my Objective C basically in iOS development. Let’s just say… People can’t earn money out of it and mobile apps can now be developed by HTML 5 and Javascript so that’s why…

So back to Python, Actually Someone sum it up – read here http://www.hurricanesoftwares.com/php-vs-python-analysis/ and  yeah so why not right?

I am not good in self-learning when it comes to new programming language so  currently I attended an interactive class about Python Programming Language on Coursera conducted by the Rice University in Texas,USA. and yup it’s fun learning, although some  instructors in the video are quite boring but when you get to try their mini-projects and quizzes that you can learned a lot.

I also watched Udacity video classes but it’s so interactive like you can compare it to a kid’s show In Disney Junior Channel (sorry), but worth to watch you just have to fast forward some clips.

So in Coursera Python Class, I’m on my Week 3 now, they also have forums there where you can discuss it with other participants taking the course and it’s worth a try!

So I will update you soon about my Python journey 🙂

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