Genymotion, the android emulator

It’s because web development drastically changes nowadays, People in Web Development industry had also increases it’s functionality we have Project Manager, Dev Ops, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer, UI Developer and UI Designer  and the User Testing  responsibilities increases as well.

Websites nowadays should be responsive, I mean not all websites should have a mobile apps right? So the web development technologies should be more advanced and should support mobile browsers.

In Desktop, we just download all kind of browsers and IE Testers (though web development is changing IE still there!). In responsive, Most of you might download the Mobile Responsive Web Design Tester. But I tell you it’s still different from the actual mobile! If you are an iPhone user like me, no problem I can just test but I don’t have android phone?! They are more pain in the ass than iPhone to be honest! and I don’t need to borrow other people’s phone all the time right?

Also, I don’t want to download freaking heavy Android Studio! too much effort for testing a website and  so I searched for more lighter and easier tool for testing android phones.

And I found Genymotion… Genymotion is an Android emulator for building and testing great Android apps. It’s fast, simple and powerful and it’s for everyone! whether you are windows, OS X, Linux users visit for more information.

So my office computer is Windows 7 and I can install the all in 1 Free version installer. Yes It’s free I was looking for a tool that can test websites UI and functionalities in mobile browser and that’s it!

In Windows, you need to download Oracle’s Virtual Box, download it here –


on this screenshot I have already downloaded Samsung Galaxy S3.

and Done… it’s working! you can also add a lot of android phone emulators!!!


and Let’s test my blog:


yay! fast and it’s working! I love it!

I hope this article helps you 🙂


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