WordPress Brute Force

WordPress is the most famous CMS and no doubt with that, it deserves it a lot! But there are some hackers out there want to get into your website

One of the famous attacks is the ‘brute force’ login attack where it can gain access to the website by guessing the username and password, over and over again… that can also take the site down by consuming resources.

Even though you upgraded your WordPress to the updated version, that is not a guarantee that your website is safe. Though you have changed all the server and admin password to a secure password, they are still can get it in.

Here are some of my suggestions on how to prevent Brute Force attacks:

  1. Password protecting the PHP login file. Protect the access of the  wp-login.php script in the apache by adding extra security layer.
  2. Installing WordPress Brute Force Login Protection Plugin. This limits the number of attempts for an IP Address.
  3. Cloudflare Integration. Cloudflare objectives are simply to protect and accelerate your website online. It can prevent malicious requests before they even hit your server.
  4. Host your website to AWS. Of course, AWS network provides significant protection against traditional network security issues and etc.

WordPress websites requires a proper maintenance you need to upgrade once there is a new updates and make sure no one can attack it.

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