Copy and paste code you don’t understand

I recently bump in to  this post this morning – Nissan app developer busted for copying code from Stack Overflow . As a developer, we don’t know everything and thanks to Google, Stackoverflow and to awesome programmer’s blogs we can copy and paste that a piece of code they suggested and add it on our lines of code. I myself do this especially to that kind of functionality you really needed that  requires high level of logic and requires time to program to get it correctly. I mean remember that college days when we solve a problem in the programming contest? That feel!

I am also guilty of copy pasting code online and few of them I really don’t understand as long as it works which I really agree that it shouldn’t be. You never know what other ‘hidden scripts’ in there that could lead to vulnerability of your application and might leak your data and other security issues.

I repeat: never copy and paste code from the internet you don’t understand.





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