My Speaking Engagement at PHP Conference Asia 2016

It was a blast!

Once again congrats to Michael Cheng and the team for yet another successful  3 days  PHP Conference Asia 2016.

It started with a Tutorial Day and then a 2 days conference. This time it’s another set of speakers which is quite different from last year. Just like my 8 reasons why you should attend the PHP Conference Asia 2016, now here’s my 8 takes on the PHP Conference Asia 2016:

  1. Gender equality wise, more women were courageously confident on sharing their knowledge, skills and experienced being a programmer.


Me, Brita and Jeya are one of the female speakers at the conference.

2. Doesn’t matter how old you are, all are equal. From 19 years old to 40-ish speakers and attendees all are together.

phpconf-asia-20160823-00154Huiren – the great 19 years old speaker shares his journey as a web developer. He blogged about it here (even though he didn’t mention my talk).

3. Meet the people that you usually meet on meetups,  the last year’s PHP Conference and also got to meet new developers! #networking


4. The topics are for everyone – From beginners to advanced coders. All topics are substantial and helpful not only for PHP Programmers but also for Dev Ops, Project Managers and Fullstack developers.

5. I got updated. From deployment to the cloud, scaling your website, latest updates on Magento and Drupal and PHP 7.


6. PHPWOMEN.ASIA – able to finally introduce our group and distribute our stickers (glad they love it!).

7. Foods and Booze. Lots of Tea Breaks, extravagant lunch, free flow coffee and there’s afterparty … you know how geeks party right? But this time we jammed on an acoustic band with our 90s songs + Taylor swift tracks.


8. Lastly and most importantly, I was one of the lightning talk speakers 🙂


Day 3 of the conference, I talked about why laravel is awesome for Developers and for Business.

More about my talk, it was a nerve-wracking experience! I like to do it more and learned a lot from it!

Here’s my presentation-

and video here (embarrassing!!!)

I am sure it would be as good or much better next year! Prepare 2017!


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