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So today is the International Women’s Day, and it is celebrated around the world, and there will be a lot of events celebrating women’s achievements. As for me, I will be attending a BritCham event that our committee organised at the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore – Women In Business which will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

So as for PHPWomenAsia community, we would also celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day with a theme “Be Bold For Change”. It’s calling the masses or ourselves to make a world a better place for everyone, which is a more gender-inclusive world. For us in the community, we would like to take action by celebrating women’s achievement and feature female PHP Developers in Asia.

So here are the inspiring female developers to check out:

  1. Britta Alex (Britta Jaison)

Britta is a Business Application Engineer at Kaplan Singapore. She is a PHP developer with more than 7 years of experience. She has worked with both corporates and startups before joining Kaplan. She has played the roles of developer and lead at various level of her career. At Kaplan, she is part of the development team contributing to the daily needs of the university. Apart from this, she tries to find out the time for the PHP community. She is also part of the emerging PHP women community in Singapore. Php women had Organised a WordPress workshop, and she was one of the mentors. Also, she was a speaker at PHP conference Asia 2016, representing the women community.

What is the best thing to being one of the women in tech? Any downside you experienced?

I love my career and enjoys every bit of my career life. Each day is a challenge. It’s fun moving along these challenges. Problems are not just in handling the technical things, but getting along with people. Generally, I have noticed that the community is very supportive of women activities.

Message to all Women who wanted to be a developer:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep “These are one of my favourite lines from Robert Frost poem. There may be challenges as you walk through, but keep going. Never give up. Keep your knives (knowledge) sharp always. Always stay humble, cool and fresh so that you can learn more:)


2. Noor Azliza 

Noor is currently working as a PHP Developer in iZeno Malaysia Office.

What is the best thing to being one of the women in tech? Any downside you experienced?

I think I’ve been quite fortunate in that I’ve worked at companies that encourage and support women in tech. I’m working in IT now, which has an excellent gender ratio and exceptional people and meaningful work.

Message to all Women who wanted to be a developer:

Programming requires practice, and you can achieve your programming goals if you set your mind and efforts to it.


3. Cherrie Ann B. Domingo-Dillera

Cherrie is currently working as a Database Administrator in Teradata, Philippines. She is also the President of the PHP User Group Philippines (PHPUGPH), a 2nd Violinist,  a Virtuosi String Orchestra Mixed Media Artist and a  part-time Entrepreneur

What is the best thing to being one of the women in tech? Any downside you experienced?

The IT industry moulded me to be a better person, not only technically but in all aspects. Serving our organisation for a decade made me learn that I am capable of leading a group that is dominated by men… that gender does not matter in the digital age… that women also have the edge and can significantly contribute in the community. Being able to help others grow by sharing knowledge is the best experience I’ve ever had being a techie, that I can leave a legacy for the future generations. When I’d just graduated from college, I had a hard time getting a job from a telco company telling me that I am female and they think that the situation is much suited to male than me even if I had my certification. That incident fueled me to be one of the best techies in the industry. I joined the mission of sharing knowledge to other people through talks and roadshows to help them grow. I am proud to see more women leaders behind the IT community nowadays.

Message to all Women who wanted to be a developer:

To all the women who want to be a web developer, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Be patient in learning more. Be passionate about everything you do. Don’t let people stop you from being what really want. Push harder to reach your dreams even if people are saying you cannot because you are a woman. No one has the right to limit what you can do for yourself and for others. You are not what they tell about you. You are beautiful, smart and confident. You can show them what a woman is capable of in the world of technology.


4. Vanessa Bernabe

Vanessa is a System Analyst at NUS doing both Software Development Architecture and Network Infrastructure. Prior to NUS, she was a Senior Software Consultant at IBM, where she contributed to the Web Innovations team and mainly handles the Technology Adoption Program Platform for IBM’s internal research and development. She has been on the IT Industry for over a decade working from telco to startup and MNC. She loves to write clean, well-structured code with some techno music and coffee or booze on the side.

What is the best thing to being one of the women in tech? Any downside you experienced?

I’ve been really privileged to be part of the tech industry which is now getting more and more diverse. Thanks to all the countless effort of women around the globe who continue to encourage and inspire others.
I really enjoyed working in all aspects of the tech industry since I like building things that help people to easily accomplish their task. As a Software Engineer, we can easily do that either by making simple applications or a complex system that helps people and business alike within the comfort of your own desk and a computer!

Of course, it’s not always a walk in a park, you need to persevere, work hard and learn things as you go to keep up with the rapid change of technology. Peer coaching, meetups and mentoring are a great avenue to learn. Sharing your knowledge is a wonderful way to contribute to the community, as well.

Message to all Women who wanted to be a developer:

Information Technology is quite a broad industry, from systems administration, database administration, programming, cloud computing to data science and others. There will always be challenges along the way but pursue what you plan to do, and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish and learn about yourself. So go out, be bold and inspire others!

5. Jeyaselvi Radhakrishnan

Jey is currently working as a Regional Service Manager – Digital providing support to digital applications at Johnson & Johnson.

What is the best thing to being one of the women in tech? Any downside you experienced?

The best thing to be a woman in tech is the feeling that we are at par with the male counterparts, and in some cases excelling from them.

Message to all Women who wanted to be a developer:

Follow your dreams and focus on it. The path to success will open automatically.


6. Tracy Lemke

The last but not the least Tracy. She is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Izeno Pte Ltd.

What is the best thing to being one of the women in tech? Any downside you experienced?

I. T. is still a male-dominated industry even in my team. I think the best part of it is that guys cannot make any excuses for working slow or being weak. Guys usually don’t want to lose on a woman (I think). If I run, they should sprint. If I sprint, they better beat my speed. As a woman, you can boost the team’s standard and make everyone do/be better. Downside? I think women are more organised than men. So at the end of the day, most of the time, we clean up. But that’s just it.

Message to all Women who wanted to be a developer:

You cannot just ‘want’ it, but you must be passionate about it. Wanting is a good start to go for it right away. You’ll never know where it will bring you.


The PHPWomenAsia Team would like to wish all the women in the world a Happy International Women’s Day! And join me this March 15 at Singapore PHP User Group March 2017 Meetup will be talking about Women in Dev – feature the female PHP Developers, issues we encounter in the Gender Gap and the key to more women in dev.

Are you ready to #BeBoldForChange ?


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