Palindromes: in different Programming Languages

One of the common questions I get is “What programming language should I learn?” “What programming language is in demand right now?” What I can say is that no matter what programming language you learn, you need to commit to always learning and keeping up with new techniques.

So in today’s post, I use different programming languages for the most common programming language challenge called “Palindrome”. I only use languages that I can still remember. Yes, I coded and tested all of them in my editors (all from @jetbrains ) So feel free to check them out and the most time consuming was C# ( the last time I used it was in University) and sorry to disappoint I don’t have C++ code, I can’t remember any of it now lol.

What is Palindrome

PHP and Javascript Palindrome

Python Palindrome

Ruby Palindrome

c# Palindrome

If you have reactJS, Swift, Java, Go, C++ or even COBOL 🤣 solution please feel free to comment below



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