Using Laradock

What is Laradock?

It is a full PHP development environment for Docker.

It supports a variety of common services, all pre-configured to provide a ready PHP development environment.

Why I prefer Docker?

Before using Docker, I used Vagrant although Vagrant is easier to setup Docker won me because it is faster to start and stop and consume fewer resources than Vagrant

How to Install Laradock
How to Install Laradock
How to Install Laradock

Throughout my dev in PHP, I have used a lot of web server solution from WAMP, XAMPP, MAMP, Vagrant/ Homestead and now Docker. Docker is so far my favourite as it’s lightweight, it only uses a little RAM and CPU resources and loading the web apps are fast compare to vagrant when having more data in the database. And ofcourse thanks to Laradock, it is easier to configure.

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