Copy and paste code you don’t understand

I recently bump in to  this post this morning - Nissan app developer busted for copying code from Stack Overflow . As a developer, we don't know everything and thanks to Google, Stackoverflow and to awesome programmer's blogs we can copy and paste that a piece of code they suggested and add it on our lines of... Continue Reading →

WordPress Brute Force

WordPress is the most famous CMS and no doubt with that, it deserves it a lot! But there are some hackers out there want to get into your website One of the famous attacks is the 'brute force' login attack where it can gain access to the website by guessing the username and password, over... Continue Reading →

I attended the PHP Conf Asia 2015

Last September 22-23, 2015 I participated the first ever Asia PHP Conference held at NUS Singapore organized by Michael Cheng, the founder of PHP User Group Singapore. And one of the keynote speaker was none other than our Father Rasmus Lerdorf! So as expected he will be introducing to the PHP 7 which is really... Continue Reading →

Genymotion, the android emulator

It's because web development drastically changes nowadays, People in Web Development industry had also increases it's functionality we have Project Manager, Dev Ops, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer, UI Developer and UI Designer  and the User Testing  responsibilities increases as well. Websites nowadays should be responsive, I mean not all websites should have a mobile... Continue Reading →

Running Android Studio on your MAC

I just enrolled in this Android course in Coursera. The udemy courses I bought just sucks so maybe I will continue it later, but first I will be focusing on this course - Coursera it's like a virtual classroom it has quizzes, projects, deadline and grading system. First, install the following: Mac® OS X® 10.8.5... Continue Reading →

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